Thursday, 9 October 2008

inspiration trip

Yesterday a trip to Stockholm, earlyearly rise and back late at night. Well worth the ride, to a day seminar at the Swedish Inheritance Fund, Allmänna Arvsfonden. I've never seen as many engaged persons at the same time, working hard to make life better for kids and young people. With art and culture for tools; how good. Touched to tears by the music and theatre performances quite a few times.

Kids tell pros how to do-project here
Article (in Swedish) about a land art project with refugee kids here
Young culture ambassadors here

The fund's money comes from when someone dies heirless without a will. Money is distributed to non profit organizations work with children. Wish to be very rich when I die so they can have plenty to give away. We where invited because of the teenage summer job project at Konstepidemin.

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