Thursday, 16 October 2008

harvest day; much better

The kiln turned out fine, now I have all pieces ready to start the mosaic work (lotus fruits, chrysanthemums and clouds, original skethes here). Today was a much more focused day than yesterday. But like you say, Alexandra, bad days are needed too.

Workshop "Taking parts" is going on at Konstepidemin (have a new look at the web page, I took over updating recently and refreshed the English section last weekend. Still work to do but major improvement if I may say so myself :))

12 Swedish jewellery artists work with Karin Seufert, German exhibitor at Hnoss, staying on a Iaspis grant in one of the guest studios.

Saturday night they will show the result and Sunday afternoon is a seminar with Karin,
Anders Jacobsen (Radikalslöjd, Lagombra) and
Hans Stofer from RCA, London.
Read more in Swedish here, English here.


Anonymous said...

Jag har precis upptäckt din fantaskta blogg. Känns som att bli bjuden på kalas med en massa spännade gäster.
Kommer att följad bloggen med största spänning!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

jag visste väl att det skulle bli bra:)