Monday, 6 October 2008

chrysanthemum progress

My neighbor Per Agelii looks so content because he just unveiled his sculpture group "Three muses". The Keiller park in Göteborg celebrated 100 years this weekend (a good spot to see the fireworks at New Years Eve). See here, like "three harbour cranes" he writes.

There are two connections between my work and the picture of Per:
1. He is holding chrysanthemums, my flower of the week.
2. The park area was a donation by the Keiller family, who salvaged parts of the sunken Götheborg cargo = the china I'm making mosaic of now.

I'm happily working on, slip painting and printing.
Ping mag paper cuts
Pamela Mei-Leng See paper cuts, via Feffakookan (again!)
Wish you a good, fun work week.


Jo said...

hej bibbi,

i will keep in mind the tip for new year's fireworks at keiller park :)

i have two connections to your post as well:

· october and november are the months of chrysanthemums in mexico, where i´m from, as we celebrate the day of the dead. you get to see it everywhere, it's awesome. it smells delicious, doesn't it!?
· per is the name of the character in my book for learning swedish:

var bor per?
var dricker per?
var dansar per?


Célia Jordão Alves said...

I love paper cuts. I liked a lot the Ping Mag work. My favorite is the work of Elsita. Do you know her papercut work?

Bibbi said...

Célia, thank you for the tip!

Jo, välkommen till stan! Åh, jag önskar att jag var på en mexikansk blomster-marknad!