Wednesday, 28 May 2008

the young artists

The youngest artists from Konstepidemins open Day last weekend. The images stays until the rain dissolves them and that doesn't seem to happen.

Barnakademin, "Childrens Academy" is a program where smaller children visit Konstepidemin and are guided into the world of colours. They create amazing huge paintings together. At the open day it's more just for fun.

Today, attended a staff meeting for another Konstepidemin activity, inspired by Gallery 37 in Chicago: "De Ungas" is a summer program where Göteborg teenagers work as artists for a month. This is the third summer, previous years it's been absolutely incredible to see what can be created in such a short time by young people who don't even know what capacity they hold when they first come. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Already stories are collected from kids who are under treatment at the children's hospital. The teenagers will create something from them, with the support from Konstepidemin artists. The stories will be turned into a performance, a poem, art work, music, something... And later, in September, the result will be brought back to the kids at the hospital.

I don't work with them directly myself, but love being around. I was happy to spend a summer in Chicago, at Gallery 37, and since dreamed we could do something similar here. And now we do! Kids come to visit first time on Monday, I hope they will enjoy their summer job.

De Ungas blog from last summer (in Swedish but with lovely photos) when they did outdoor performances among other things. The blog will come alive again June, when the new group starts.

Similar programs are happening in other countries, like here, here, here.

Lill Street Art Center was organizing the ceramic studio I worked in that summer, has developed since.
Gallery here.


j said...

looks like a great success! so many people did come to to visit.

that's a wonderful thing for the children. If mine did that, I'd have to take a picture of the ground and save it. I'm one of those moms. :)

paula lindblom said...

Det ska börjas i tid, det som krokigt ska bli...
Allt gott i sommarvärmen!

Emily Murphy said...

When were you in Chicago? I teach and maintain my studio is at Lillstreet.(I've been there for 9 years.) I've also worked with the outreach program over the years.

I love your blog. It's always inspiring!

Bibbi said...

Yes, this is what kids need, plenty of colour and time.

Emily, it's so long ago even if it feels like just a few years back, in 1994! And Gallery 37 was so diferent from what I understand now, when I read the webpage. It was a wonderful experience and I was so impressed by Lill Street and the capacity the center had/have! Today I told the staff about my summer so all the nice memories are activated.

Wish you future success too! And thank you for kind blog words :)