Tuesday, 27 May 2008

what a day

"Artetyper" bring your own camera and become part of a masterpiece"
Torbjörn Steijner and Eva Brodin

The shop

Natural born artists

Two of the many musicians, Dan Berglund and Henrik Cederblom

Gallery opening, HDK candidate graduation students

The French corner, boule field

What a lovely day it was, Konstepidemin's Open Day. I think this was the first time I didn't have my own studio open, but instead was a visitor. I enjoyed it so much! Didn't make it half through the open studios. Too much to see, too much to talk about, too sunny and nice to rush.

Here, a few photos, more will come (will check with the artists before I put their faces here, if it's ok).

It's still as sunny here, but I'm svamped with office work and will be glued to the computer a few days more. Will sneak outside now and then :)
Wish for you a sunny and light week!


paula lindblom said...

Hääääääääääärligt! Där missade man något, men man kan ju inte vara överallt.
Kul att ta del av det hela på din blogg!
Allt gott!
Solen ropar och jag ska cykla till havet.

Camilla said...

It looks like a wonderful day- I love that rabbit lamp?