Thursday, 22 May 2008

scent of flowers

These days are filled with the scent of lilacs. Isn't the blossom more rich than usual?

Anna Emilia Laitinen made me think of this house I pass every day. And of wooden houses in Lithuania, I'll show you later. Thank you for greetings from the East!
Via Anna Kitchen

My lilacs vase is pottery from Provence
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Ana said...

Lilacs are the best. I love it when I'm outside walking and all of the sudden the wind carries that wonderful scent over to's so magical! Lovely pics.

j said...

beautiful pictures.

the weather here has been cool and lots of showers- the lilacs are lasting for a good long time. every spring should be like this.

Susan Schwake said...

our city is called the lilac city and there is nothing more fragrant than these flowers. so beautiful this spring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bibbi,
Thank you for mentioning me and great to see that you thought about that house!