Sunday 4 May 2008


Nääs last week. So much wood anemones, my friend K. said nature has the colour of spinach in white sauce.

We visited the hard working HDK students who wood fired. There is a kiln park for different kinds of wood firings, run by the ceramic department at HDK. Students were supervised by ceramic artists Helena Andersson and José Antonio Sarmiento. Nice to meet them!

They gave me this interesting address: Alfar Galeria Azul, art and ceramic blog (in Spanish, photos we can understand well). Invitation to anagama-noborigama wood firing event this summer in Spain here.

Wood firings more close by, in Denmark: Gudagergaard Ceramic Center

I had a long and lovely weekend, will post photos from the grand opening of the new house for Nääs konsthantverk tomorrow. Hope you had sunny days too!

PS. Konstepidemin colleague Karin Östberg opened her show at Gallery Terra Delft, Netherlands, yesterday. Wish you success, Karin!


mansuetude said...

hello Bibbi... thanks for the wonderful links.

love your photos--flowers on a hill, the wood firing's magic. It made me pause and "LOOK" at the mug i am drinkin coffee out of now--kissed by the fire, carbon imbedded. the ash. Peace to you, and laughter. :)

Bibbi said...

Peace to you too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bibbi, nice to meet you. Thanks for new and pictures. We linked it .
Kindest Regards from Spain.

Bibbi said...

Nice to linked to Spain! Good luck with your events this summer!