Friday, 16 May 2008

ceramic faces

Henric Allert

When you see a piece by Henric Allert, you recognize it. I found three of his half human, half animal faces on the walls at Handels, School of Business. A little sign said there shall be 12 of them, marking different stairs, next time I'll take time to look for the rest.

Attended a business seminar two intense evenings this week, met with a nice mix of people with all kinds of small business companies. (In Swedish: Drivhuset stöttar nyföretagare på olika sätt: bl.a arrangerar de matyttiga, korta och billiga kurser om t.ex presskontakter, säljkurser, projektledning och annat. Finns på flera platser i Sverige och är mer eller mindre öppna för andra än studenter. Här i Göteborg är alla välkomna)

This weekend I plan to visit Kalebassi, Haga, where Aino Ternstedt-Oni-Okpaku (who once started Afro Art in Stockholm) shows her collection of West African art and craft.

Enjoy weekend!


Anonymous said...

You have always nice work here, your own and others. Greetings behind Gulf of Bothnia!

Lylou said...

this time next year i hope to be traveling to your neck of the woods for holiday. it is a slow season in the boutique and the perfect time to jump the pond. lets just hope that airfare goes down. -wink

Bibbi said...

anna emilia! Thank you for commenting so I could find your webpage, like your work!

Lylou, this time of year is perfect :)

Unknown said...

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Rose Leo said...

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