Monday, 12 May 2008

walks in the park

Struck by summer. Dog-sitting this weekend, took long walks in the huge nearby park, Slottskogen. So many happy sun lovers.

And I made some book keeping progress :)

Look at what grows:
Karl Blossfeldt
Leora Brecher

Wish us all inspiration this week!


Anonymous said...

o så mysigt att få vara med lara. den här helgen har varit fantastisk, ska nu gå ut i stormen och titta på älgarna. ha en fin vecka.

mansuetude said...

what a great dog photo.
love the links, those warbling white pots like little pouches of pinched oxygen. frail, available.

what is inspiration ... on the blogs, i am confounded by the use of this word! :)

Andrea Tachezy said...

Lovely dog, with wonderful light!

Shannon Garson said...

Hi Bibbi,
Sweden is so beautiful- I'm desperate to visit new obsession (besides your beautiful bowls with the glass apples) is "Release Me" by Oh Laura. It reinforces my impression that Sweden is my kinda place!

Bibbi said...

Sandra, hoppas du har det fint du med!

Mansuetude, had to look up confounded...inspiration, hmmm... In blogs everything from "I like" to "Inspirited, filled by powerful energy from unknown source", maybe?

Andrea, yes it's a nice dog for weekend company :)

Shannon, glad you enjoy our place on earth :)

Unknown said...

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