Tuesday, 20 May 2008

playful people

What's it called in English, what you draw on the ground and hop?

The drawing is of Big Wind company after some of their children's theatre performance. I like their arms reaching out to hug.

Konstepidemin is preparing for the annual Open Day on Saturday. This year I will only make a little window exhibition and not have an open studio. This time I'll visit studios and have conversations and coffee, listen to the music and take photos.

Johan Peter Hol (make a new search for artist name "hol" the link doesn't work directly, sorry) ceramic work at EKWC
Jenny Mendez, ceramic sculptures, via Dear Ada


mansuetude said...


but maybe grafitti, too>?

Camilla said...

hopscotch! I always fell over.

Bibbi said...

Thank you both! Funny word. I was never good at it either, always found myself on the line and had to stand last in line again. I was much better with the grafitti part of the game :)

j said...

I was good at the hopping part, but I had trouble getting my stone to stay in the box...would skitter out as I threw it. and I'd have to stand in line again, too. a good hopper, not a good thrower- it all evens out :)

Unknown said...

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