Saturday, 28 February 2009

visit another studio

This week I've seen much more of other's creamic studios than my own. After the Katthagen visit I made another interview, with Annika Svensson for the KHVC newsletter. She is the person behind the tiled stoves I've posted earlier. More in next post.

First; the extra bonus I got from seeing work in progress by Annika's excellent studio partners:

Renata Francescon, most of her work already packed for a show at Clara Scremini Gallery in Paris in March.

Ulrika Henström (will show at Galleri Jeanette Ölund Borås in April)

Chris Vicini (will show at Formargruppen in Malmö in May)

and Josefin Holmqvist (she also made a commission for Terra Nova, where my mosaics are, a small pond for the Chinese garden, will post later)

I hope you have a lazy lovely weekend. I have.

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Unknown said...

Those are the best pictures that I've seen ever!