Tuesday, 3 February 2009

light, finally

First comes light, next it will be warm, I hope. The ponds in Slottskogen are frozen.
So far only computer work this week, preparations for next Saturday at Konstepidemin. Program here.

Ingrid Bathe
pinch pots and porcelain
Ayumi Horie ceramics


mansuetude said...

light, it makes so much difference. I always loved to ice skate as a child, and love your images.

Thank you for your wonderful comment, Bibbi, I feel that is true of you, too. It also reminded me, once, Camilla photographed your studio and you had a latin quote, Rising to the stars... i think, (i forget.. )


aya said...

these are lovely images. the light is so fresh and clear...

paula lindblom said...

Hej Bibbi!

Lääääänge sedan sist.
Jag "knyckte" två bilder + text ifrån konstepidemins blog angående helgens utställningar, hoppas att det är/var ok?!
Det är ju för en god sak, so to speak.

Hoppas att vi ses där uppe i helgen.

Allt gott!