Friday, 20 February 2009

at my hill

Today I didn't know where to start, I have so many ongoing jobs, errands and little things to do. Starting from the top of the pile and simply do them as they appeared was a great idea. No strategies, no lists, no synchronizing, no thinking; just doing it. How efficient.

These are some erratic photos from todays necessary snow walk, Masthugget, we finally got snow here too. My favourite soccer team played a winter game this week.
Hope the weekend will be fun for us all.

Hayon studio, I like them here and here most
Thank you Simone at Siepsfabriek


Anonymous said...

Hi Bibbi... I recognize those steps, the road and your hill... and remember the snow last time I stayed in Göteborg.. quite took me back a few years, but nice memories. Also good to see Herman's pot and your commission work... Hope we meet up later in the year... hey ho Paul.

Bibbi said...

Hej Paul! I've heard your name a few times last days, in connection with Rörstrand an Lidköping. I really hope we meet!!