Saturday, 14 February 2009

february: sun in studio

Every February is an eager wait for the sun to manage climbing over the little hill and shine into my studio. And now it's here!

Mansuetude tagged me "Share a phrase that rings important inside you--" and here is what came up, with the little story behind:

Some years ago one of the nasty mail viruses spread others's long since sent emails as new emails, randomly around the internet. I received a few emails by total strangers that period, most very uninteresting. But it made me aware of what I write in emails myself, the private can suddenly be made public.

Then one day this email came, once written to someone else, but seemeingly truly directed to me who needed it most. The quote written in it helped me through some difficulties that day, mistakes that could have grown much bigger. I read it before making an important phone call and I still look at it where I put it on the wall by my office desk. Still very useful. Once written by Piet Hein (Danish multithinker and designer, most famous for the superellipse) later quoted in an email between two friends and by divine or viral intervention given to me. I'm very thankful.

"The noble art of loosing face
may one day save the human race
and turn into eternal merit
what weaker minds would call disgrace"

More Piet Hein short wise Grooks here
I need to think a little more on what tag to forward.

Recently I haven't posted so much here, seems like there is a certain amount of internet time each day and I've spent mine posting at the Konstepidemin blog, like from Michaela Peterson's studio.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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mansuetude said...

A toast to the strength of your heart, to see so purely to love this quote and make a "virus" into something of virtue. Its a testimony of your beauty, really.

You are a Teacher Bibbi. Thanks for playing, and sharing. Happy Valentine's day.

Love also the pots texture and colors with the textile. So related in soulfulness.