Wednesday, 25 February 2009

marie beckman & jussi ojala

Katthagen krukmakeri, Marie Beckman och Jussi Ojala

Photos from Monday and the trip to Katthagen krukmakeri, ceramic artists Marie Beckman's and Jussi Ojala's studio. Hemslöjden, handicraft and applied arts magazine, wanted me to make an interview with Marie. I've only seen their work at exhibitions before, to meet them live was really much nicer.

Marie is a member of blås&knåda, an important Swedish arena for contemporary craft artists. On show there right now is Jane Perryman, look inside her great book about Traditional Pottery of India.

Fabriken LDKP wants to create a ceramic energy center in Lidköping, at the former factory of Rörstrand. Yesterday was an information event here in Göteborg. There are fantastic facilities for studios, kilns, small scale production and ceramic knowhow. Fabriken LDKP in Swedish, not as much in English.
Paula quickly blogged from the mingle,see who was there.


Everything Stops for Tea said...

Gorgeous, fabulous shapes!

Bibbi said...

Yes, aren't they! They are both creating such soft speaking, strong work.

mansuetude said...

wow. love those tender fracture white ones, and the strong... so paradoxical.