Monday, 12 January 2009

more saturday

Helena Roos opened her show at Konstepidemin Gallery last Saturday. Huge, brave black and white wall drawings. If you can't visit the gallery, see more here
Today's article in Göteborgsposten, in Swedish here

The other show that opened the same day, Sara Borgegård, jewellery artist at hnoss gallery

Spent the day putting IKEA furniture together at office and taking IKEA furniture apart at home. Inbetween I finished the third mosaic wallpiece in the studio. Hope your week started well, too.
Ashes and milk artists


Alexandra Hedberg said...

WOW - Helenas teckningar är imponerande!

Bibbi said...

Det är dom!

mansuetude said...

Noriko Yamamoto's work at Ashes and Milk reminds me of Hans Cooper, the ceremist...

the painter/artist
is inspirational...

nice post.