Monday, 26 January 2009

film mingle weekend

The time inbetween films at the Göteborg Film Festival is the best, conversations and coffee, so many nice people out this weekend. Best movie so far: Slumdog Millionaire, see it if you have a chance! An almost feelgood film about a young boy living in the Bombay slum, adventure, romance, friendship, it tells so many stories.

But the thing is; I've seen an Indian version of the same script, does anybody know the name of that first film? (Simple chai-wallah can answer all questions in the Who want's to be a millionaire TV show and is arrested for cheating, which he isn't. Each of his answers tells part of his amazing lifestory)

This year the festival feels extra familiar and friendly as you get to see Camilla's smoking handbag lady on posters and tickets everywhere.
Draken is the main cinema theatre. The starry sky image is from Royal cinema theatre, recently rescued from destruction.

Swedish neon signs


Alexandra Hedberg said...

åh - älskar filmfestivalen, Sist jag gick ordentligt var jag i åttonde månaden och hade svårt att sitta länge för magen. Och så sparkades det hej vilt. (magen också)

Nästa år för mig, kanske?

la_sale_bete said...

If you ever find out the title of the Indian version of the same film, I would love to know it! It is based on a novel ('Q and A' by Vikas Swarup).

Bibbi said...

Thank you for the book tip! I'll look for it (and will let you know if I find the Indian movie)

Alexandra, din tid kommer :)

Camilla said...

Lovely photos- makes me wish I was there.