Tuesday, 6 January 2009

cool start

Welcome to 2009! I've been visiting up north, Luleå and Kalix. When we arrived weather had changed and I missed what Sandra experienced, a totally frosted landscape. Look at the trees here!

But we also had nice and lazy days with good friends, short and precious daylight. Cold enough to stay indoors. Christmas holidays are over, work begins tomorrow. Wonder what it will be like when the alarm clock rings that early, the day is turned upside down.

Hope your year started well and let's hope for peace.

Jen Worden challenge deadline January 11, I'll try to make it
In Swedish: Navid Modiri startade "365 saker du kan göra" den 1 januari. Ett 2009-projekt för fri kreativitet, läs mer här, och lämna förslag! Det kommer att bli kul att följa.


mansuetude said...

your photos remind me of a lake in Vermont as a child we ski mobiled over

sandra's snow photos were unlike anything i have ever seen

amazing snow.

rebecca said...

Just looking at those photos is making me shiver. Very pretty though ;)

do you mind if i knit said...

magical photots................. I love the one of the candles seen through the frosted window............. exquisite.
Happy 2009!