Tuesday, 27 January 2009

eriksberg - early

It's so interesting to change perspective, from soft studio work to noisy, no fuzz, cost efficient, almost 98% male, big construction site. Biggest surprise: I was happy for the chance to practice my poor German! Things have changed since I last installed a commission on site, the carpententer and the floor tiler are nice and helpful as usual, difference is they come from other countries. Even some Australian guys were heard. Nomads in constructions.

They start working very early, I wonder why? They leave early too.

I'm a bit nervous mounting my pieces but try to look cool and busy, everybody else does. But the mosaic seems to stick on the walls and look good, so far. Still a little grouting to do tomorrow.

Type the sky


ang design said...

looking good so far, the aussies must be on working there way around the globe, great way to see the world..

judsculpt said...

Just came across your site and saw that Ang has also left a comment.I am also a friend of ang's and was interested to look up the sculptor blogs you follow as I am a sculptor too, I will look you up again.Judy