Wednesday, 21 January 2009

congratulations America!

Congratulations America to the new president! I think we are all to be congratulated.

In the mail today was proof of my best Christmas present, a goat in Mocambique. May it milk well and bring happiness and nourish the new owners. May it have many babygoats as well. Actionaid is a Swedish site against poverty. Thank you, Biggan!

Lots of office work this week but I managed some more grouting in the afternoon.

Su Blackwell paper art
Åsa Westlund Swedish clogs


Anonymous said...

Hi Bibbi, Thanks for mentioning my blog on your site! I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what you are up to. You also provide many interesting links which I truly appreciate. There are not that many ceramic blogs here in the US...but I hope that will change.
My best to you,
Peggy Bjerkan

mansuetude said...

The goat is a true gift.

May Obama be like a goat, too... (strange sounding, but milk is nicer than war).

Bibbi said...

Peggy, I enjoy having colleagues world wide, lets hope for more bloggers, Best to you too :)

Mansuetude, may Obama be our finest goat.

Unknown said...

hi bibbi. i am glad about the new prez too. phew.

i also wanted to let you know that the little footprint candle holder that you sent me is used daily to light my morning writing.

you are also generous to give a goat. i wonder what its name is?

Bibbi said...

Hi Dana! I'm glad you really use it :)
I have not given but been given a goat, to give away but by someone else's generosity only. Think we'll call it Gullspira after a wellknown Swedish children's book goat. Maybe even Barack Gullspira, to celebrate the happy change in our time. All teh best! Bibbi