Thursday, 20 November 2008

wreath season

Seems to be two major seasons for wreaths and garlands, midsummer and christmas time. On Saturday November 22 opens a show at Konstepidemin, Blå Huset. Three textile artist: Nina Zetterquist, Kerstin Åsling Sundberg and Amalia Kenamets and ceramic me show very different wreaths and garlands. Based on tradition but not always traditional.

Photos above from textile artist Nina Zetterquist's studio. Open the door and it smells of materials and possibilities.

Links to all from here.
Oro (a mobile that moves in the slightest breeze and is said to catch evil spitits)
Camilla opens her show in Halmstad on Saturday (if you missed). Best of luck, of course!


Anonymous said...

ooh I love the first photo!!

Bibbi said...

Thank you Alisa! There'll will be more :)