Sunday, 30 November 2008

new book

247 Swedish craft artists was released last week.
I´m on page 153.
Marie Louise Sundquist on page 303
Karin Eriksson on page 220
Paula Lindblom on 172
Together with the 243 others it's pretty heavy. Familiar names, some I haven't seen for a while and many new to me, too.

Both in Swedish and English. It can be ordered from the publisher's website here (SEK 298) and will be for sale at Konstepidemin's Christmas market December 12 - 16.

It's time to slow down and enjoy more now, I'll do my best. Wish you the same!


mansuetude said...

you know what came to mind, i have found old Craft book collections in used bookstores from the 60's and 70's and this will probably too, be found later, when someone in the future is browsing, thinking about art, career, and there will you and your work be, tucked inside it with the others.

Its like a time capsule.

Peace to you!

paula lindblom said...

Hej hej Bibbi!

Same same but different pages!!!

Såååååååååå fiiiiiiiiiiin bok!

Allt gott, vi ses.

Kramkram Paula

marie-louise said...

Hallå Bibbi,
Vad fint att Du visar boken. Jag var ju på den där tillställningen i Stockholm för ett par veckor sedan och det var festligt och kul.

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, the web shows more but is everchanging, books are preserving but maybe not as true?

Paula & Marie-louise, visst ska vi vara nöjda :)