Friday, 14 November 2008

sneak peek

This is another work occupying my mind and making me so busy: sketch elements for a competition. Will show more after next week when it is ready and presented for the commissioners. Wish me luck!

Even if sketching never is a waste of time - ideas nurtures ideas- I would really, really like to do this work for real and not just on paper. As you might guess, there will be some mosaic.

Seeing the image and the banner together almost made me sea sick, must change as soon as there is more time.

Håkan Sandsjö told me that the Salvation Army runs his Julklappsapparaten (clever fund raising Christmas gift machine in Swedish) this year again. Time to plan Christmas gifts!
Lasse Frisk at Galleri KHVC, Örebro

I will enjoy some studio work, I wish you whatever you need to have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Well... good luck then!
Waiting to see what you will show us!

paula lindblom said...

Hej Bibbi!

Det ser spännande ut! Nyfiken på färdigt resultat... Kollar in här emellanåt för att hålla mig uppdaterad om vad som händer...

Har du koll på om/när julmarknad är på konstepidemin?!
En oooooooootroligt trivsam tillställning förra året, med fiiiiiiina grejer... Vill gärna gå i år igen!

Allt gott och lycka till med arbeten och ALLT annat.

Kramkram Paula

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Lycka till!