Monday, 24 November 2008

garlands and wreaths show

The wreath show is lovely, if I may say so being part of it. Nina Zetterquist and Kerstin Åsling-Sundberg are wreath craft lovers and did a great job arranging the pieces. Wish we have a wreath show every year, with more artists involved, it's inspiring and playful.

From the top: Blå Huset overview, Amalia Kenamets, Nina Zetterquist Kristin Lavransdotter crown, Kerstin Åsling-Sundberg and bottom my latest ceramic garland.
More photos will come.

Camilla's show opened and there is an interview (in Swedish).
World Beach cards, from the Sue Lawty initiated project


Alexandra Hedberg said...

ser fint ut!

Bra att du länkade till artikeln om Camillas utställning. Var du där på vernissagen?

sara said...

allt som hänger o dinglar är fint, nja inte allt med det här ser fint ut!!!