Tuesday, 25 November 2008

south african visit

Yesterday, first snow.

Quick, much too quick, visit by South African artists yesterday. They are exhibiting at Frölunda Kulturhus: Dolla Sapeta, Ayanda Mji, and Alan Grobler from Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. James Malinga is also part of the show.
Photo from neighbor Per's studio, guess he was happy to get inside from the cold for a moment.

The small world: Ayanda is a ceramic sculptor and we immediately found connection in Priscilla Mouritzen and the ceramic center in Skaelskør, where we've both enjoyed being.

Article (Swedish) from children´s workshop with Alan Grobler at Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality


Anonymous said...

Fina bilder!

woodfirer said...

Greetings to Ayanda if she is still in your area!
Great to see her in the picture.