Saturday, 20 September 2008

studio tours, Carina Fihn

Carina Fihn studio, book packages with titles like "The Reality", "Silence", "The Fear"

Wow, what an intense week behind and what a sunny weekend ahead.

Thursday we had an open day (SeRum, the name a pun, can't translate, all about us staying in a former hospital) at Konstepidemin, for people who are interested in making use of artists or their work within their professional field. It turned out great!!

A mix of almost 70 people from institutions and companies came, curious and eager to experience, open to take part in talks and workshops. I think it was as inspiring for the artists, who met the interest and got new kinds of questions about their work. I'm so glad it went well!

My own studio was not open, still a mess inbetween projects and impossible to understand for a visitor. But next week things will happen!

I had hoped to take lots of photos from the open studios, but got so busy organizing small necessary things and changes, I couldn't.
Carina Fihn's studio is all for now.
Eva Lindblad is guest of the month at Carina's website, what a great idea!

Life in other studios:
Interview with Smosch - Sandra Juto here, at Stephanie's blog. Look into studios and artists's work spaces here at Seth’s The Pulse

Have a weekend full of sun and rest well!

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Book-packages, how lovely!