Friday, 12 September 2008

Middle summer; big city

I'm still looking in the rear view mirror. Photos from this summer's BIG trip, big buildings in a big city. Chicago sight seeing, third time around for me. Many of the older sky scrapers are covered with ceramic tiles, I like that.

More Chicago architecture here
Building by building here
My favourite, Hancock building, here

Unforeseen event yesterday: major water leak at the office. Lots of time and energy wasted. Good thing: no need for weekly cleaning, there will be a new floor.

Eva Hild shows her amazing hand built ceramic shapes in Umeå, Galleri Andersson/Sandström
Opening tomorrow: Elsa Agelii shows her own textile work and embroideries made in collaboration with desert women in Rajastan, India (where water is precious) at Nääs konsthantverk tomorrow.

Wish you a sunny weekend!


Anonymous said...

men wow bibbi! jag och johan gick just på en liten promenad och pratade om att vi vill åka till chicago och så har du postat alla de här fantastiska bilderna, så nu känns det pyttelite som om vi varit där. tack!

Unknown said...

Ja! Åk! Det är en härlig stad att vara i. Påminner lite om Göteborg, faktiskt :)