Wednesday, 3 September 2008

extra summer; last south

Ystad, south Sweden, from last sunny weekend. Henning Mankell land.

Internet connection was gone yesterday and today, I was totally handicapped. Just a few years back we were all handicapped without even knowing.

Here are elegant pigs and more,
and elegant birds by Guy Michael Davis
I will definately think twice before I write the word "nice" again, after reading this (thanks to Heather).

Hope your week started well with only good connections.

1 comment:

mansuetude said...

The hat photo is a true find, and very funny. Most of us walk about with our "Tag" (designer) still in our eyes. :)

I want to speak about that "nice" link but i will wait, a bit. The linguistic "fragmentation" of commenting on blogs is not yet named (understood) (and isn't in my heart anyway even connectable to Goebels' war machine of manipulation of language... ) blogs are in an infancy stage and comments are not soul food, but a simple nod or hello. Its stuff that the social scientists will draw up opinions on in time, and debate in university; I have been thinking about this a lot too, ...

I will hold tongue for now.. etc :)