Thursday, 4 September 2008

art by the young for the young

Tuesday evening the De Ungas (the young?) show and performance at the children's clinic at Östra sjukhuset was presented. De Ungas is a wonderful one month summer job event at Konstepidemin, with 30 seventeen year olds. It is inspired by the so much larger scale Gallery 37 in Chicago. I was guest teaching an amazing summer many years ago, and since then wanted us at Konstepidemin to do something similar. And now we do.

This summer is the third version. The kids being treated at the hospital were invited to suggest ideas for our young to develop into some kind of art work. Artists from Konstepidemin guides the process that aims for a final presentation of some kind. This year it was a music performance and a CD, a wall piece and many chairs, each with a story behind.

To follow this work is pure joy. Everybody grows so much from creating work that makes a difference for someone else. Thank you, all you young, being brave to put yourself into this and to trust the process of making art.

De Ungas summer blog, in Swedish only but with lots of photos.
More explanation, in Swedish at Konstepidemin, click De Ungas.
Gallery 37, Chicago, art work and more with youngsters. In Chicago it has developed into After School Matters.
Gallery 37 followers in other places, UK and I think other cities in the States.


megha puNAter" said...

you have a very interesting blog,wow these children delivered some good work.i will be visiting for more.:)

mansuetude said...

ohhh, i think that man with the pink nose is a portrait of me this morning. ; )