Thursday, 25 September 2008

konstepidemin extra Saturday

Hanna Järlehed ceramics

Show openings tomorrow at Konstepidemin:

Hanna Järlehed Hyving makes a new kind of materia out of clay, amazing surfaces and glazes, photos above. It will be beautiful, I've sneak peaked.

Karin Seufert, at hnoss, jewellery artist from Berlin, Germany.

Joanna Helander, photography, in Blå Huset. This photo was on my wall for a long time.

More reasons to visit Konstepidemin tomorrow: Johan Zetterquist makes a sound performance, Torbjörn Steijner and Catrin Serck-Hanssen have open studios.

Camilla unveiled her next year's Göteborg film festival poster today. So good.

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