Thursday, 13 September 2007

welding help from Per

Studio neighbor Per Petersson helped weld the garlands together. We have our studios on top of the little hill where Konstepidemin is located. Per is a sculptor who works with large scale pieces in a wide range of material that he manages to turn from matter to poetry.
Better take a look at his web site!

He is also generous with his practical knowledge, always helping someone like me out, alongside his own work.

While welding, Lars
Åsling, another neighbor artist, came to visit and we had an interesting discussion about blogging as a phenomena. Working in a place like Konstepidemin makes it possible not only to get practical help but also presence in a dialogue with creative, reflecting, funny people. I'm thankful!

The steel ring was fixed with strings to keep it exactly in place, the "flowers" could be glued beforehand as MIG welding is hot only on the exact spot.


Camilla Engman said...

Att jobba uppe på Masthugget ger inte dom möjligheterna. Nära till säng och kylskåp dock :)

Avel Angelica said...

Hi Bibbi

Your work is so organic and engaging. I will continue to visit and wish you all the very best.

I also started a blog a couple of weeks ago. It's scary and a whole lot of good clean fun :-)

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- I'm so glad you visited my blog as it has now guided me to yours! This ceramic garland you are making is stunning! I will add you to my blog list so I can visit again and again.

Elsa said...

Hallå Bibbi,
Din blog är ju ett helt generöst uppslagsverk.Att kika i halvtrötta kvällar.
Dom pigga stunderna vill man ju jobba själv!
Hälsar från Elsa.Inte i Indien denna gnistrande vinter. m. vatten ledningen fryst och spisen skraltig
datorn opålitlig!
Tingen är besvärliga.
Keep on'Elsa