Friday, 28 September 2007

nice stripes and sverker's girls

Sverker Eklund, neighbor sculptor at Konstepidemin, will show his "girls" at Svensk Slöjd in Stockholm two weeks from Saturday. I'm glad to have one of the lovely girls at home, dressed in green with golden hair and red lips.

They are something
between medieval angels and dolls from your childhood, but Sverker just calls them girls. The studio smells of wood and linseed oil from the tempera mixtures. In the morning when he arrives, he says he can hear them have conversations from the walls they are hanging.

Svensk Slöjd runs a shop and exhibition space, a nice web site full of Swedish handicraft and inspiring artists' work, but only in Swedish : (

I was happy opening the kiln this time. Sometimes it's like processing photos in a darkroom, to see the colours developed. Many little pieces to put together, after London trip.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it looks really good, the things you are showing us, im sorry if my english is not so verry good, but im keeping up!
I really, really like your stuff, it inspireds me a lot, thank you for showing it. have a nice weekend, by the way, what inspired you most in London? By

Bibbi said...

Thank you! I am surrounded by so many inspiring persons, both as artists and as people, and very grateful for this.
I'll let you know what I find in London, maybe not straight away, but as soon as I can upload pictures, not sure if to bring computer.
A nice weekend to you too,

heather smith jones said...

I'm so happy for you that your kiln was a success! The black conical shapes look interesting as well as the small white pieces; well they actually ALL look inspiring! I'm looking forward to how you put them together!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, i just like to say Sverkers Girls are just adorable, just stunning and sooo "selfhurting" hm hard to explain. It was a big repotage about him in magazin Hemslöjden, I thing a year ago.
Anyway saw on Konsepedemins homesight the He is opening his door 16-17/10 has mor artist open door then, or...
Sometimes I think, all you artist has an "open day" fiesta, do you know if You are going to have that? I´m going at Keramikskolan in Lidköping, and we are thinking to go down to Gotenburg, so thats vay I´m wondering, phu my English is really going down the zink. =) ones again have a nice weekend/ Marika

Bibbi said...

Yes, we have, as part of the Art Biennal here in Göteborg, two open studios every weekend until end of November. And every year, in May, we celebrate Konstepidemin with an Open Day, lots of open studios, music, poetry, exhibitions, readings and artistry. It's great fun, I'll let you know in good time.

The article in the craft magazine Hemslöjden (2006/5) was written by me, I'll try to publish it as a pdf (Swedish) in connection to his open studio day October 13-14.

And next weekend my own studio is open, and Berit Jonsvik's. If I don't see you then, I hope you have a nice trip to Göteborg and wish you good luck with your ceramic work!

Anonymous said...

i love those angles!!! so lovely=P