Wednesday, 26 September 2007

much better colours and big size shoes

Feel a need to compensate for gloomy colours in latest posts, unfired clay is really pale, I know, subtle, dusty nuances. Here is greener green, to start with:

Most colours will fade when graphic designer Laurie Rosenwald leaves her guest studio at Konstepidemin. It's good for you New Yorkers who gets her back, but who will lighten up our lunch breaks now? Miss you already, Laurie, please come back!
See her talk in the
"How to make mistakes on purpose" or buy her children's book about colours that she spent last summer working on here.

Another link that will refresh your eyes, photo work by Cally.

And finally an important link for London (and net) shoppers with need for
ladies shoes in larger sizes, Janine Dalton did good research.

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heather smith jones said...

I really like the "bubble" pattern on your greenware! I'll have to check into those books; they look interesting. Thanks!