Saturday, 22 September 2007

London suggestions?

The whole staff from KHVC Center for the Crafts are going on a study trip to London. I'm excited ! Haven't been abroad since football, or soccer as some call it, World Championships in Berlin last summer.

What is new and unknown to us in London?
We'll visit Origin at Somerset House, Flow Gallery, Contemporary Applied Arts CAA Gallery
Contemporary Ceramics, maybe Cockpit Arts.

Any other craft and applied arts suggestions? We have three days first week in October.

Also interested in tip on activities with teenager, mostly interested in shopping (preferably fake brand handbags)? We'll spend three extra days together in London before the colleagues arrive.

Most thankful for suggestions!


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that a creative such as yourself is all right with buying fake goods.
What if someone decides to replicate your creations and gets you out of business?
Shame on you!

Bibbi said...

Sorry to upset you! The teenager and I don't share perspectives on things, and it was a, maybe stupid, attempt to be ironic over her shopping views.

paula said...

I think you should buy fake stuff.
It don´t hurt some one if you by expensive brands/fake for less money, it´s just good for the "orginal" brands, that people will have there things, but can´t afford it in the regulare price, think about Rollex for example... How many can buy a real Rollex???
IKEA is also a example on everyday life things for common people, but they are always on the line, almost crossing the line when they do stuff for the company...

It´s a fine line between copy and/or copy...

I hope you understand my English?!

If someone decides to copy my things, I will be glad!

Camilla Engman said...

It's so typical that someone who leaves a critical comment doesn't write their e-mail or blog address.

If Gucci gets out of business so does the pirates. Ofcourse everyone wants an original, but not all can afford it.