Saturday, 2 May 2009

lidköping trip

Took a trip to Lidköping last week, where the hospital entrance now is taking shape. I was there to meet with the builders and look at the wall I'm working on. It's always a strange feeling to see in real life, something you've only imagined from drawings. I feel like being very small and placed inside my own model.

First kiln with pieces for the wall was opened and this it what it looks like, so far. Lots of work left and very little time, as usual. But it's so much fun!

There will be more about ceramic life in Lidköping next week.

Marianne Kanter paintings and sculptures
Studio Violet Re-used and Re-cycled at Karin Ericsson's Manos until 24.5


Fine Little Day said...

Vad fint det ser ut Bibbi!

Bibbi said...

Tacktack, det är inte utan att jag känner mig ganska nöjd :)

Camilla Engman said...

Verkligen fint! Nästan FÖR spännande.