Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lidköping printing ladies

It's been a long week, I double office and studio; no time for blogging.

Catching up; these two brave ladies, Iréne Magnusson and Inger Franzén-Storm, deserves their post. Instead of changing their jobs when Rörstrand factory was closed they bought the whole Rörstrand printshop with all equipment and materials and started on their own. Now they make ceramic transfer prints on special orders from their former employer and from independent designers and artists. They can do everything from the original work to print and decoration.

They also kept the old example collection from the Rörstand days, a cultural heritage. Touching examples of high and low.

Their website is in Swedish only, contact them for prices (decent pricing, a start cost for every print and after that price per sheet)


ang design said...

well done print ladies, they do some great work..

Chelsea said...

I love the text and graphic on that screen- RAD!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Ja, dem vet jag om. Jag undervisar ju då och då på Formakademin (fd keramikskolan)precis där bredvid. Har du provat derass keramiska transfers, eller jobbar du inte alls så?

Bibbi said...

Hej! jobbar inte alls med transfers men blir vansinnigt sugen på det! Så många olika färger och precisa linjer.