Tuesday, 26 May 2009

almost there

Photos from last days work, frantic. Almost finished, hope to be all finished by end of this week, wish me luck.

Yesterday I gained some sense of control. Realized that I had transformed worries over the result to being stressed over the tight timeschedule. Still, I don't have much time but feel more relaxed. Rearranged all the pieces outside the studio, Ami gave a good eye, thank you! As always, it's at the very end of a work process the new ideas arrive. Like an inbuilt carrot to keep you continue.

Ami also did a good job cleaning the studio yesterday (again thank you!) because on Saturday 30.5 we have the annual Open Day at Konstepidemin, see the whole program here.
Most welcome!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

JA - lycka till! Vad fint och organsikt och lekfullt det ser ut!

ang design said...

totally brilliant, love the shapes and colours as always..

annamaria said...

its looking pretty stunning-good luck with finishing up-

marie-louise said...

Härligt, snart är du i land!

mansuetude said...


wow. what an incredible intricate brilliant puzzle of new life. Love to see.

that photo with the stool is wonderful too.


cecilia said...