Thursday, 12 June 2008

the occasional blogger

Posts doesn't come regularly these days. To many disturbances called life. Nothing bad, just all at once. And football games. Hope you are patient with me.

No studio time either. I'm preparing invitations for an event at Konstepidemin in September. We'll invite all kinds of "professional art users" from libraries, theatres, galleries, companies and so on. The day will focus, more than the usual open day in May, on how artists and their work can be used in commissions, as surprisers, discussion-openers and so on. Will bring new connections, hopefully.

The warm wind is back again. Wish you a peaceful time.

Gunilla Maria Åkesson, show at Rörstrand Museum until end of this month.
Also wish I could see Colourware at Flow Gallery, London.


mansuetude said...

your rocks remind me of wet sea lions somehow.

enjoy your summer!

j said...

too bad about studio time. you must be terribly busy.

the event you're planning sounds great. I hope you'll give us reports. might be some ideas I can use.

beautiful photos, beautiful colors.

Stig said...

Hi Bibbi..!

Didn´t know you were such a heavy blogger, but nice to see :-)


heather smith jones said...

Hi Bibbi!
I hope you don't think I've forgotten you because I have not!
Your life sounds so interesting, thank you for popping in to share with everyone!

rebecca said...

Wow, thank you for bringing the Colourware Exhibition to my attention. It's looks really interesting and I may have to take a visit :)