Thursday, 19 June 2008

it's all about the strawberries

We finally got rain and grass is getting green again. This time of year it's all about finding the perfect strawberries.

They are needed tomorrow when we celebrate Midsummer (a few days too early actually, to make it fit with a weekend, which means you can celebrate twice).

It's most beautiful and melancholic. Marks the beginning of summer and at the same time days will turn back towards darkness. Next week I'll be in Luleå and even farther north where the midnight sun rules. I'll show you!

All work is done, from now on only preparations for summer activities. I'll pop in a post now and then, when connected. Thank you all, so much, for this my first season of blogging. Wish you a happy Midsummer, and summer and summer. See you around!

A few of those new to me from this blog season, for rainy days:
Jason De Caires Taylor underwater sculpture
Bjørn Lie drawings and more
Elspeth Diederix photography
Painting of India
Warwick Orme Flora Nova
Lindsey Feuer cceramic
Mariana Monteagudo sculptures
Anders Jirås panorama of the Brayuvangs Pagoda, Phnom Penh (maybe not so new but a favourite)
Ashes and snow, Gregory Colbert

I could go on.


kbrow said...

Happy Summer to you! Just wanted to say that I've been reading you for a few weeks now, and I love your blog, your photos and gallery announcements. I'm a long ways away, but really enjoy this peek into the art and nature of your part of the world.

Andrea Tachezy said...

I love strawberries, and I love Bjorn Lie work, thank you for both. Have a nice Midsummer and summer too!

AutoDT said...

A beautiful blog. Very nice pictures.

Have a nice day.


Buat Duit Di Internet said...

wow! i love strawberry....anyway happy summer day too to you...

rohaza, MALAYSIA
ceramic maniac

mansuetude said...


just came across that "ashes and snow" video on another blog. It made me think of you. There it is again here, too. :)

Look up into the stars tonight, and say Peace on earth. And bounties of ripe sweet strawberries. :)

j said...

Where in the world is Bibbi? Miss you.

Bibbi said...

Hi J! I'm here! Been closer to you geographically than ever before, in Minnesota. No time for excursions, hard soccer mom labour only. And so much fun! Hope you are having a wonderful summer too!