Thursday, 5 June 2008

football field

This sports arena, Slottskogsvallen, was built as part of a huge 300 year jubilee in Göteborg in 1923. It's really charming. See more photos here from soccer game at Hope Solo's former home field (goal keeper in the U.S. national soccer team).

No, I don't play myself but love the big soccer championships. Now it's just a few days left to Euro 2008.

Tracey Bush butterflies
Tracey Bush plants


mansuetude said...

good luck to your team. We have been following the Boston Celtics Basketball here, they are back at the top after years. Tonight it is the first playoff game with LA. (none of this might mean anything to you: but i know Soccer a bitf--Americans are slow to take to it, i think.

Peace to you and swims. Its almost 95 here all week.

j said...

very charming, Bibbi. like most everything about Sweden.

mansuetude, do you like the Red Sox, too?