Friday, 8 July 2011

what happened before: roof top

Hotel roof top in Athens. See Acropolis? Mindblowing to swim in rooftop pool while watching heavy historical material.

Stayed in Athens with friends for short break before real holidays. Very Useful and Inspiring. A pre-holiday extended-weekend-break made me relaxed and back to normal in time for the real holiday, not having to use a week of precious time just to let stress level down. I'm very pleased with myself for this discovery.

Craft and Design quiz (not difficult at all) where you can win a weekend trip to Göteborg and West Sweden in August, win and come visit! A rooftop pool hotel stay here too, and guided design tours and more:

1 comment:

mansuetude said...

enjoying your Athens images, what a place for old pottery.

The image of you floating in the pool on a rooftop near all that heavy history is divine; what a beautiful way of saying so much in the bouyant water. Love this.

hope you are well, enjoy summer, and this new idea, to take a vacation before a vacation is going to be with me forever!