Sunday, 3 July 2011

what happened before: midsummer

I'm back from a trip to the north. Midsummer spent in Hollsvattnet - village of the year in Luleå. Far north, midnight sun, Huckleberry Finn experience. There can not exist a better place to be on a midsummer night.

I have holidays and and am released from office work. Means energy to catch up with what happened in the world of blogs since last year (more than I can manage), sorting photos, reflect, and hopefully more studio time.

I'm hopelessly behind here, from now on posting and reading will be most random in time. Glad to be around again, among all inspiring people. But if the sun shines I will be gone for a while again...

If I was in the south instead, Ceramic dresses
Agneta Spångberg Cocktail Couture at Sofiero

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