Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sorry for the break, I wasn't finished with co-exhibitors at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. A cold in combination with tax declaration came in the way, but here is two more of my colleagues at the fair:

Ceramic artist Åsa Berntsson's cobble stones silently speaks to you, sometimes raising a provoking thought and sometimes just reminds you to live. Lyssna = Listen. For us living in Göteborg the coble stone has it's own meaning, from the demonstrations and riots at the EU top meeting a few years back. A single stone can be used in many different ways, placed on the table of a companie's board meeting it can also be a reminder of different values.

Stefan Forsberg's oak bench makes you think about time as an important factor in the crafts. Oak, being so hard and difficult, and so strong and majestic.

Have a lovely weekend! I think we must say farewell to some of the snow now, maybe it's time.


annamaria potamiti said...

Its always so interesting to visit your blog, Bibbi, you always have interesting things to show and tell!
Annamaria :)

Bibbi said...

Thank you Caramela! There are so many interesting people out there :)