Sunday, 7 February 2010

frantic days are over


The things I made for Stockholm Furniture Fair arrived there all right. Frantic days are over. I will take the train to Stockholm tomorrow myself. It's the first time I show my work like this and I think it will be fun. Hope to give you reports, there are a lot of side events too. I'll stay from Tuesday to Friday, in the KHVC stand A09:02, welcome to stop by!

There will be work from 10 Swedish craft artists in the stand, see more here...

This is what happened in the studio since latest post, I was busy!




annamaria potamiti said...

I love the way your works look-they are so inventive and exciting- I wish I could be there to see them for real!- one day!(I have promised myself a trip to Sweden)-Meanwhile I will look forward to more photos- Best ,best, with it all!
Annamaria :)

ang design said...

so great to see your work in a show hope it all goes well, have a good week..

alooini said...

I am trying to imagine Marran created by You :}
She (or he) could be more happy I suppose :}
greetings from Poland

Bibbi said...

Thank you all for good wishes and nice words :)