Thursday, 22 April 2010

trees I met recently 1

Two exhibitions here in Göteborg:
Karin Nathorst Windahl, with love for teapots, at Sintra until 4.5
Jonathan "Ollio" Josefsson, textile artist with graffitti background, opens 24.4 at Nordhemskonst


mansuetude said...

what a GREAT old tree.
that ladder so small and going nowhere makes it even more lovely.

a wonderful spring and summer to you.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

idag var jag på Ostindiefararen nummer 65 och såg din utsmyckning där.

vad fint och passande!

Liliana Lucki said...



Melanie Caskey said...

Your blog is lovely, I have found beauty in everything I have seen. Plus I love trees. Especially trees with moss. It brings me straight to my childhood and my love of natural things.

Elsa said...

Hello Bibbi,
Wonderful idea with trees you´ve met!
Your blog , so many threads to so much,so inspiring! I will come back. I just want to tell that I´m now back with my blog. It´s still about Just look.
This autumn will be much Gothenburg for me First Gbg Bookfair, then exhibition in Göteborgs Konstförenings galleri 16 okt-7 nov.
All the best/ Elsa Agélii