Thursday, 29 October 2009

terra nova 3

Still in New York, another sleepless morning. I love being here! Can't show what happens though, forgot the camera cord and can't get the photos out. But it gives me the chance to get old things in order.

Here is the third mosaic wall piece for the apartment buildings at Eriksberg, Göteborg.

Tina Lindström lights a fire sculpture in Alingsås on Friday 18.30. Luftvärnstornet, Nolhaga berg; bring a torch light. Final days of the big annual light event Lights in Alingsås (click "Bilder" for photos)

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Linda Fahey said...

hi Bibbi - I LOVE YOUR WORK! I did Mosaics for many many years and I just love the way your work looks! It makes me miss mosaic work...