Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ayanaar figures

I'm going to give a lecture and frantically scan photos. A treasure of not so easily looked-at slides when the old projector is broken. It's a good thing to get at least a few of them into the computer and I meet so many nice memories.

Images from a Major Ceramic Moment in life:
in Tamil Nadu, southern India, Ayanaar figures like these are made for the temples. I'm forever thankful to Ray Meeker at Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherri for telling me the way.

In September a workshop was held in in Visby, Sweden, with the Ayanaar potter Palanisamy from Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, arranged by NYTEKS - New Techniques for Ceramic Sculpture, a group of artists. There are photos from the whole process of making a ceremonial horse sculpture here...
and much more to see and read here


mansuetude said...


a blessing you got to see this all. its frightening to open the page and see that top image... so powerful.

peace over the world to you!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

underbar keramik. Stora alltså?

Liz.Photo said...

Amazing Photographs! Amazing place!!

Bibbi said...

Yes, an amazing place and a deep felt experience. I feel priviledged to have visited there.

The sculptures are huge, several meters high, and there are many small ones too.