Wednesday, 16 September 2009

black and white are gone

Two pieces that spent some time in my studio has arrived to their destination. They are now put in glass cases in the revolving entrance door at the hospital in Uddevalla, north of Göteborg.

This was too short and too far away: Lingam at Konstfack.


Andrea Tachezy said...

Great! Congratulation!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

symboliserar de manligt och kvinnligt? så såg det ut i mina ögon!

mansuetude said...

ancient and like starfish too, regenerative. : love ly .

Bibbi said...

Thank you all!
Alexandra, så kan man se det, absolut, men det var inte min medvetna tanke då :)

Mansuetude, While working on these, I heard a radio program about life in the oceans. A researcher talked about shapes, telling that the five-sided, five-armed, five-always shapes were developed over time for better survival in marine life. Strongest shape to withstand heavy waves and currents and tides, he said. I looked at my clay work and saw what he just said. Starfish, yes:)

marie-louise said...

Jag gillar dom där ytorna.