Friday, 22 August 2008

when summer began

A late night walk in June, by the sea near Kalix, up north.

I was lucky to meet the first taste of summer twice this year. First here in Göteborg and later around midsummer in the north. Surrounded by fresh lilacs for weeks and weeks, I left the finished ones here and met the budding up north. What richness.

I've missed the northern summer. Light, fragile, intense. And short and precious. But I don't miss the mosquitoes.

Claudio Tschopp (via Dear Ada, I think) for the rain deers.
Enjoy every minute of summer this weekend!


heather smith jones said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed summer, mine has been wonderful too. And yes, I'm going to absorb every last drop of it this weekend!

I hope you have a great one Bibbi. :)

Andrea Tachezy said...

I would love to visit your tp photo!

mansuetude said...

Andrea is right, to paddle a canoe out onto that water in top image, and sit and be. So sweet. Peace to you. : )