Wednesday, 20 August 2008

looking back and ahead

This summer was fantastic. I can't say it was a relaxing vacation, but fantastic. It started like this, a train trip up north, end of June. Will show more, in portions.

Off to see how you are, I'm curious. Hope late summer is a good season for you too! Still feeling free, and at the same time eager to get started in new projects.

Newly found blog, via Dear Ada, added to favourites:
Stripes and dots
New blogger; welcome Priscilla Mouritzen! Pinchpots
Both will make the ceramic world wider.


Andrea Tachezy said...

Nice to have you back,Bibbi :-) !

woodfirer said...

Thanks for the welcome, Bibbi!
From Priscilla at Guldagergaard

Anonymous said...

fint att du är tillbaks i bloggnörderiet igen, jag har saknat dig.

Mrs.French said...

I am so happy I found your sweet blog. The photography is fantastic...I'll be back! Cheers!

heather smith jones said...

i like the stripes & dots blog too. :) thanks for the link!